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Commercial establishments and companies are spending thousands of dollars on their floors and are seeking qualified services to protect their investments. Companies rely on our expertise to develop maintenance programs to maintain their floors according to their needs and to manufacturer's specifications.

By forecasting traffic patterns based upon our past experience and the client's environment, Universal Services develops a unique Soil Management Program. This ensures proper care and cleaning based on research, experience and manufacturer's specifications to best maintain your floors at an optimum appearance level throughout their useful life.

With the implementation of a Soil Management Program all of our clients have found that their floors are lasting longer and at the same time are having a greater appearance retention value. This results in longer product life, which saves the end user money in the long run.


Universal Services offers a complete sales and installation service for all types of floor coverings. With over 30 years of experience they are committed to the long-term satisfaction of each and every client.

Universal Flooring and Universal Services work in conjunction to service every aspect of the flooring business. The two companies share the same office facility, which allows for unlimited communication and consultation on each and every project